This blog will tell you about a caring father and an avid fundraiser Frank Dinucci. His son Frank Dinucci Jr. is suffering from Duchene muscular Dystrophy. The fund raised by both father and son is for the doctoral fellowship at the University of Columbia, where doctors can find the treatment of this disease. He wants to see his son walking and ailment free.

Frank lives in Raleigh and he lives with his 6 years old son Frank Dinucci and his 6 years old daughter Isabella. His son is a very powerful soul and positive, so due to this, his condition is not so serious even after getting diagnosed with such harsh disease.

Well, after he saw his son suffering from such a disease, his only aim is to raise fund for the cure of this deadly disease. He has often traveled to New York from Raleigh with his son for collection funds, and raising funds for the research of this disease. Many of the people have come out to help him and he does this every year. Another thing about Frank Dinucci is, he loves to spend time with his both children and indulges with them in some playful activities.

Iโ€™ll feed you up with an incident happened with Frank, his son was diagnosed when he was three. His positivity gave his father some hope and he even invested his time raising funds for the research for the cure of this disease.

He and his son travel 500 miles every year with cargo bikes. They charge $10 for the ride. They will be offered free lunch and frozen ice cream by the local businesses of New York City.